Recent Success Stories

Success in a criminal case does not always mean an acquittal or a dismissal. Often a successful criminal case is a plea down to a lesser charge or getting a better offer from the district attorney's office.

Remember, each case has its own facts and circumstances. None of the success stories listed here is an indication of the outcome on your case.

  • San Bernardino County, case FWV-1404669: client was charged with attempted murder; first-degree residential burglary; two counts of attempted forcible rape; assault during the commission of a burglary; carjacking; two counts of assault with a deadly weapon; sexual battery by restraint; two counts of criminal threats; false imprisonment by violence; kidnapping; as well as several other felonies and misdemeanor complaints (20 counts in total from four different cases with multiple victims). Three of these counts carried life in prison. I negotiated a plea bargain of 25 years for eight of the alleged counts and had all counts dismissed. I know it is hard to imagine a 25-year sentence as being a success, but both the client and his family were happy with the outcome. Avoiding a life sentence was extremely important.
  • Orange County, 14NM09422: client was stopped at DUI checkpoint and had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .16 percent. I filed a suppression motion and the judge declared the checkpoint unlawful based on my Ingersol-Palmer motion. The case was dismissed. The sad part is there were 26 arrests at that checkpoint that night and only one of the defendants called me to challenge the unlawful detention. Every one of those cases could have been dismissed.
  • San Bernardino County, case number FWV-1502472: client was charged with a felony threatening of a police officer and resisting arrest when he was being detained for being drunk in public. The deputy noted in his police report that he had recorded the incident. Filed a Brady motion (Maryland v. Brady) when the recording mysteriously disappeared. Rather than face this issue at trial, the district attorney's office dropped the resisting/threatening charge and re-filed the complaint as a misdemeanor drunk in public. This reduced the defendant's maximum time from three years to one year.
  • Riverside County, case number RIF-1501522: client ran head-on into another vehicle, severely injuring his passenger and the other driver (as well as himself); charged with felony DUI with great bodily injury. The defendant had a BAC of .17 percent, over twice the legal limit. Minimum sentence as charged was seven years, four months at 85 percent. The district attorney offered six years at 85 percent, which seemed like a good deal and originally the public defender on the case told my client to take the offer "because it wasn't going to get any better." The defendant's family hired me and I met with the defendant in jail and then filed a 1538.5 motion (McNeely). We won and the court threw out the blood evidence, stating it was an unlawful blood draw. The case resolved for three years at 85 percent, half of what was originally offered.
  • San Bernardino County, case number FWV-1501961: defendant was charged with felony DUI. Defendant had a BAC of .17 percent. I filed suppression motion (1538.5). The judge dismissed, stating the traffic stop was unlawful, as the deputy had no reasonable suspicion or probable cause to stop the defendant.
  • San Bernardino County, case number TVI-1301105: a 19-year-old client was involved in a solo car accident. Client left the scene, but his mother arrived on the scene before the police did. Client returned to the scene and was given a field sobriety test, which showed that he had a BAC of .15 percent (15 times the legal limit for someone under the age of 21). I argued no corpus delicti. Judge agreed. District attorney reduced the charge to a drunk in public with all other counts dismissed.
  • San Bernardino County, case number TWV-1502515: client was stopped by an undercover police officer and charged with evading an officer. Officer searched client's vehicle without permission or warrant and found a loaded handgun. Officer then got warrant and searched client's home, finding additional weapons violations. Total of five counts charged against client. Filed 1538.5 motion to suppress the unlawful search and seizure of the client's vehicle and the subsequent warrant for his home. District attorney settled the case prior to the motion hearing for reckless driving. Judge ordered client's firearms returned to the client.
  • Los Angeles County, case number KA-094208: client was accused of murder and being a member of a criminal street gang. Original trial had resulted in a hung jury. District attorney retried the case. This was a co-defendant case (meaning more than one defendant). District attorney was unable to locate some of the original witnesses and asked the court to allow previously sworn testimony from the original trial. My co-counsel (the co-defendant's attorney) agreed. I objected. Required a due diligence hearing prior to empanelling a jury. Judge agreed. The district attorney dismissed the case against both defendants.
  • Riverside County, case number RIF-11011711: a tragic case in which the victim and defendant had been drinking heavily, which resulted in the death of the victim. Victim was the brother of the defendant's fiancé. Victim and defendant started fighting. Defendant killed the victim and then fled the scene. District attorney charged the victim with murder (15 years to life in prison). Was able to settle this case for manslaughter at six years, plus one for the defendant's prison prior, for a total of seven years.