An Attorney Experienced In Juvenile Matters And Expungement

When it comes to juvenile delinquency, the courts use a completely different set of rules. Ultimately, the goal in juvenile court is to rehabilitate the minor and set him or her on a good path for the future.

But juveniles may still face serious consequences that can affect their future. These consequences can follow your minor child for the rest of his or her life, making it hard to get employment or participate in their own children's lives in the future.

Even an experienced criminal attorney who practices in adult criminal court can create a mess of a juvenile case. I have the necessary background and knowledge to help your child reach the best possible outcome.

What Happens In A Juvenile Dependency Case?

These proceedings involve Child Protective Services (CPS), which has extraordinary power under the law. This agency can remove your children from your home and place them with either a relative or a foster family. The goal of CPS is to protect children from both physical and emotional harm. But the process sometimes fails and children are removed from loving, protective homes, based on erroneous information or misunderstanding. Here's how the process works:

  1. The court will make a prima facie determination of whether to continue the placement while your matter is pending before the court.
  2. If so, the court must then hold a hearing to weigh the evidence to determine whether the placement is required. This is referred to as a jurisdiction hearing. CPS must present evidence to support the allegations.
  3. If the court does find it has jurisdiction, the next step is the disposition hearing. The court might offer reunification services or seek to terminate parental rights. If reunification services are offered, the court will work with a social worker, county counsel and the children's counsel to develop a reunification plan. It is the court's goal to reunify the family whenever possible and provide parents with services to assist them in becoming better parents.

What Is Dual Status?

Dual status is when a minor is involved in both a delinquency and dependency action. Special considerations are needed to navigate the processes, and working between and with the two courts becomes imperative.

How Expungement Can Turn Your Life Around

If you have been convicted of a crime, then you probably know how much it can affect your life for years to come. You may have lost out on job opportunities, places to live and even loans because of a mistake you made.

The good news is that under California law, it is possible to get your criminal record wiped clean by having a conviction set aside. The process for doing so is complex, however, which is why you need a lawyer you can trust to guide the way.

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