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California sex offender registrations rules

California is strict about its sex offender registration laws. When a person is convicted of a crime of a sexual nature, he or she is required by law to register with law enforcement, according to the Office of the Attorney General of California. Registration must be done within five weekdays, excluding any national holidays, after release from incarceration.

While registration is done with the local law enforcement agency, the Department of Justice also maintains a record and is notified of registrations or violations. The information is made public. Information available through the registry includes the name and address of the person. Some categories of offenses are not registered publically, though, and people may apply for an exclusion.

Registration information must be updated every year. Certain people who meet certain criteria may be required to update their information more frequently. Certain crimes also require updates more often. Information must be updated whenever a person moves, too.

Fox News reports that there is a proposal to make some changes for non-violent and low-level sexual crimes. The move is to allow for registration records to be expunged after a certain amount of time. Because the state requires lifetime registration, this may give some people a chance to move past their convictions and avoid being publicly named on the sex offender registry.

The new registry would have three tiers. The third tier would be serious offenders who would require lifetime registration. The second tier would be those with less serious crimes who would only have to register for only a certain amount of time. The first tier would be the least serious crimes with the shortest registration time requirement.

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