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How to assist your child after addiction recovery

You love your son more than anything. As a parent, you will do anything for your child. You have sworn to nurture them, love them and keep them safe. For the most part, you can do just that. Sometimes things are out of our control. As children grow they often experiment. The journey to really finding yourself can be a difficult road to navigate. For some, that may mean hitting a few bumps in the road along the way.

A few mistakes doesn’t mean failure. Addiction is an illness. This illness is tough to battle. It takes courage, strength and the support of loved ones.

If your son has recovered from addiction, you can do your part to help him continue his sobriety.

  • Assist your child with extended challenges.
    • Recommend they meet with a financial advisor.
    • Promote regular visits to the doctor to check on their health.
    • Seek therapy as a family unit.
  • Support their sobriety by example.
    • Clear the home of any substances.
    • Plan activities that involve exercise or hobbies that can be done together.
    • Encourage your child to stay away from their previous environment.
  • Find support for yourself and other family members who are involved in your child’s life.
    • Consider therapy sessions for yourself.
    • Attend education sessions about recovery so that you better understand the process.
    • Attend family oriented support groups.
  • Help eliminate and reduce stress.
    • Encourage your child to keep a journal.
    • Exercise together.
    • Find an activity that allows you to communicate your feelings to one another, and do this regularly.

You must understand that the influence of addiction can affect your family for a long time. Your support is important to your child. They are recovering from an illness and want to get better.

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