Should I Get A Lawyer Before or After Being Charged With a Crime in Los Angeles?

Many people make the mistake of hiring an attorney when criminal justice proceedings are initiated against them. However, it is far more advantageous to hire an attorney sooner rather than later. The criminal justice process begins earlier than most people realize. Hiring a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible will only help you in the long run. Read on to learn more from Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law, about hiring an attorney before you have even been charged with a crime in Los Angeles.

The Best Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

It is fairly common for people to hire an attorney once they have been formally charged with a crime. Many people are afraid of the expenses associated with hiring legal help, so they wait until the last possible minute to find a lawyer. However, it is much better to hire a Diamond Bar criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, even before you have not been charged with a crime.

There is no deadline for hiring a lawyer. You can hire one as soon or as late as you wish. However, hiring one as early as possible will be more helpful to your case. You should hire a lawyer as soon as you know you are being investigated for an alleged crime. You could even hire a lawyer sooner. There are all kinds of clues and hints that an arrest or criminal charges are on the horizon. Read the signs and hire an attorney.

Do I Need a Lawyer While I’m Under Criminal Investigation in Los Angeles (Before Arrest)?

If you are unsure whether you need a criminal defense lawyer, step back and look at your situation. Have the police approached you? Have the police conducted a search of your home, vehicle, or personal belongings? Have you already been arrested but not charged? Have you heard any rumors or gossip from your friends or neighbors about your alleged criminal actions? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, call a lawyer.

Any time you are met with police suspicion, you should definitely consider speaking to an attorney. It is not always clear when the police have initiated a criminal investigation. They may want to keep you in the dark to prevent you from hindering their investigation. Investigations can quickly lead to situations where your rights are violated. For example, unlawful searches or inappropriate lines of questioning from the police can occur. A Fontana criminal defense lawyer will be able to identify these violations when they happen and work to prevent them from being used against you. Remember, your legal battle begins way before you ever see the inside of a courtroom.

Attorneys Can Help Before Being Formally Charged in Los Angeles

You should hire an attorney as soon as possible, even if that means hiring an attorney before you have been formally charged with a crime. Several crucial steps in the criminal justice process take place before formal charges. A Long Beach criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate this process and protect your rights and interests.

The police will likely question you before you are formally charged. This questioning could happen in a number of ways. The police could approach you and simply ask you to answer a few questions. With sufficient probable cause, the police could also arrest you and question you at the police station. Both situations provide you with different options. An attorney will help you make the best choices so your rights are not violated.

For example, speaking to the police, even if you are not in police custody, could be a good idea or a bad one depending on your circumstances. Sometimes cooperating with the police is the quickest way to escape the criminal justice process and get your life back. Other times, speaking to the police is like shooting yourself in the foot. A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will be able to assess your situation and help you decide the best course of action.

An attorney can also help you identify unlawful evidence that should not be permitted in court. In the course of a police investigation, the authorities may enter your home and seize any relevant evidence if they have a valid warrant. Sometimes, the police overstep their boundaries and execute unlawful searches and seizures. There is not much we can do to stop the police from doing this, especially when they mistakenly believe they are acting lawfully. However, an attorney can begin the process of suppressing evidence the moment evidence is illegally seized. If you wait to hire an attorney until later, suppressing evidence may become more challenging.

Should You Wait to Hire a Lawyer Until After You Are Arrested/Charged in Los Angeles?

The sooner you hire a Santa Clarita criminal defense lawyer for your criminal case, the better. Depending on how long you wait to speak with an attorney, they might be disadvantaged in the courtroom. For example, your attorney cannot advise you on your next step until they have reviewed your case history. This means reviewing everything from investigation results to police interviews to executed warrants.

This in-depth case review can create a bit of a time crunch for you and your Los Angeles DUI lawyer. Many steps in the criminal justice process come with strict deadlines. If you miss an important deadline, such as submitting pre-trial motions, your case could be severely weakened. If you hire an attorney right away, they can fight for your case as your case unfolds rather than after everything has already happened.

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