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If law enforcement suspects you have committed a crime, there may be an arrest warrant out for you. If you have missed an important court date or failed to abide by a court order, you might have a bench warrant out for your arrest as well. Warrants can be very intimidating and confusing. Many people do not know when a warrant has been issued for their arrest and they are totally shocked and surprised when they are arrested. If you are fortunate enough to know about a warrant for your arrest ahead of time, you should speak with an attorney about getting the warrant cleared or recalled.

Having a warrant recalled could be as easy as making a phone call. It could also be extremely difficult or even impossible. What happens with your warrant will depend on the facts and circumstances of your individual case. For help with any warrants, please contact Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law. Call (909) 861-8075 to schedule a free legal consultation.

Recalling and Clearing Arrest Warrants in Los Angeles

Arrest warrants are issued to the police to arrest a criminal suspect and bring them into police custody. Arrest warrants must be based on probable cause, meaning the police must have some demonstrable evidence that you are the person responsible for the crime in question. Once a judge or a magistrate issues the warrant, the police are authorized to track you down and arrest you.

Clearing or recalling an arrest warrant is not always easy. Even if you want to argue against the warrant, nothing stops the police from arresting you anyway. If you have not yet been arrested, the very first thing you should do is hire a qualified attorney to handle your case. You can go with your attorney to turn yourself in to the police. Your attorney will be present during any questioning and help protect your rights. Your attorney can also begin advocating for reduced bail, or that you be released on your own recognizance without bail, so you will spend as little time in jail as possible. Our Los Angeles attorney for recalling and clearing a warrant can help you deal with your arrest warrant and hopefully avoid getting arrested at all.

Recalling and Clearing Bench Warrants in Los Angeles

Bench warrants are a bit less intimidating than typical arrest warrants because they are given somewhat lower priority and may not be executed right away. A bench warrant will be logged in the police computer system, so at your next police encounter, whatever that may be, the officer will see that there is a warrant out for your arrest. Very often, people are arrested under bench warrants during routine traffic stops. Once you know a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest, contact our Los Angeles warrant recall lawyer for clearing warrants to help you avoid an arrest.

Clearing a bench warrant may be easier than clearing a typical arrest warrant. Bench warrants are issued because you missed a court date or failed to comply with a court order. You might be able to clear or recall a bench warrant by merely contacting the court and rescheduling a new court date. The point of a bench warrant is not to bring someone into police custody because they committed a crime. Rather, the point of a bench warrant is to make someone show up for court. If you can convince the court that you will show up for a rescheduled hearing, they may agree to recall the bench warrant.

What Happens After a Warrant is Recalled in Los Angeles?

Your case is not over just because the warrant for your arrest was recalled or cleared. What happens next will depend on what kind of warrant was issued for your arrest and what stage of the criminal justice process you find yourself in.

If you have cleared or otherwise dealt with a typical arrest warrant, you are likely at the very beginning of the criminal justice process. Your arrest will likely be followed by pretrial hearings, such as an arraignment and a preliminary hearing. Even though you may have dealt with the arrest warrant, you will still need your attorney to help you through the rest of your trial. You may still need to post bail, show up to hearings, and have the case resolved through a plea deal or criminal trial before your encounter with the criminal justice system is finished.

If you had a bench warrant recalled or cleared, your next step will probably be to show up for your rescheduled court date. The bench warrant was meant to bring you back to court in the first place. However, depending on your circumstances, the judge might reconsider releasing you on bail while you await your next hearing. You might have to argue to a judge to be released on bail or your bail might be revoked altogether. Our Los Angeles attorney for recalling or clearing a warrant can help you determine what steps should be taken following the recall of your warrant.

Contact Our Los Angeles Attorney for Recalling and Clearing a Warrant for Help

Clearing warrants for your arrest can be surprisingly simple or downright impossible, depending on the facts of your situation. Generally, bench warrants can be far simpler to deal with than typical arrest warrants. However, in either case, you should absolutely have an experienced attorney at your side who can effectively advocate on your behalf. Reach out to Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law, our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer for recalling and clearing a warrant for assistance. Call (909) 861-8075 for a free legal consultation on your case.

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