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Time Tested Riverside County Criminal Defense Attorney

Throughout the US, every individual who is charged with a crime has constitutional rights during the criminal investigation that will follow. Constitutional rights cannot be violated for any reason, starting with the initial criminal charge and continuing through any post-trial issues. An arrest does not equal a conviction!

People are very often arrested for charges that have not been approved by a judge or a prosecutor. A criminal defense lawyer in Riverside County can get to work on your case right away and may be able to prevent charges from ever officially being filed against you by the district attorney’s office. If you’ve been arrested in Riverside County, hiring a highly competent criminal defense attorney immediately should be your first priority.

Aggressive Felony Defense Attorney In Riverside County

Being charged with a felony is much direr than a misdemeanor charge. Contrary to popular belief, felony crimes are not required to be violent in nature and are general punishable by federal prison sentences of at least one year. Felony charges are incredibly damaging and will require the assistance of a highly experienced criminal defense attorney in Riverside County right away. Felony crimes include a long list of extremely serious offenses, including rape, homicide, arson, robbery, child pornography, stalking, and money laundering.

The penalties and the legal process for deliberating on the penalties for them are as serious as the crimes themselves. Some factors that a judge might consider when sentencing for a felony crime would include how much harm was caused by the crime, any mitigating factors you can show to your criminal defense attorney, aggravating factors, like the victimization of a child, the group views of the community on the type of crime at hand, your current criminal record, whether you’re on probation or parole for any other crime, and if you are accused of using a deadly weapon to commit the felony in question.

A special category of felonies are sex crimes. A sex crime conviction on your record could mean becoming registered as a sex offender for the remaining years of your life. If you’ve been charged with a sex crime in Riverside County, you need a well-respected sex crimes attorney on your side as soon as possible.

Proven Riverside County Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

A misdemeanor crime is not as serious or severe as a felony criminal charge is. Since these are less serious crimes, they can be associated with less serious penalties. The most notable difference between a felony crime and a misdemeanor crime is that a misdemeanor is only penalized by up to a year in a county jail. A felony conviction, by contrast, can be punished by one year or more of incarceration in a federal prison. Misdemeanor crimes often include traffic offenses, such as DUI, plus assault and battery, theft, misuse of property issues, non-felony drug offenses, obscenity, and gun possession crimes.

The penalties for a misdemeanor crime often include a combination of fines, county jail time, and probation. The consequences for misdemeanor level crimes also tend to very much depend on the specifics of the crime that you committed. If you broke the windows in a building in your community, you may be required to perform repairs to buildings in that area or to write a letter of apology to any affected business owners. The sentence for a DUI charge might involve taking mandatory DUI classes or accepting treatment for substance abuse issues.

A misdemeanor charge may be less severe than a felony but that does not in any way mean that you don’t need legal representation. Any criminal conviction being added to your record will undoubtedly have a negative effect on your life and future. Your rights should always be fiercely protected by a Riverside County criminal defense attorney.

Caring Juvenile Dependency Attorney In Riverside County, California

Juvenile dependency law is made up of all the proceedings that have to be held for a judge to decide whether the parents of a minor child have been abusive and/or neglectful to the children in their care. During these legal proceedings, it is possible that a judge will remove a child from their parent or guardian’s home. If the child is temporarily removed, the judge can then order certain types of monitoring in hopes of returning the child to the home. If the child is is permanently removed from their parent, the judge can remove the parent or guardian’s parental rights, allowing for another family to adopt that child. If you are a parent or a guardian and you have become embroiled in a juvenile dependency case, do not hesitate to find a juvenile dependency attorney as soon as you possibly can.

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