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If you are facing sex crimes charges, you are probably scared and wondering about what will happen next. California state law takes sex crimes very seriously, and even a minor conviction can carry long-lasting and humiliating consequences. Los Angeles sex crimes lawyer Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law has nearly two decades of experience helping those facing sex crimes charges move through the intimidating legal process and achieve a favorable outcome. Together, we will go over the specific details of your case and evaluate all of your available options. In a climate where false allegations can and do happen, we will make sure you receive the best possible defense.

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What are the Consequences of Sex Crimes in Los Angeles?

Depending on the nature of the crime and on the age of the alleged victim, the penalties for a sex crimes conviction vary. Generally, the age of the victim and, in cases involving statutory rape, the age difference between the victim and the perpetrator, are major factors affecting the severity of the penalty. Other crimes, such as lewd conduct in public, indecent exposure, prostitution, or spousal rape carry significant penalties, including steep fines and possible jail time. Additionally, many people who are convicted of sex crimes will be placed on an official sex offender registration, which makes their names, addresses, pictures, and criminal records available online. This public and easily-accessed registry irrevocably impacts where a person can live and work. Seasoned criminal defense attorney Eric D. Davis understands the high stakes involved in a sex crimes conviction, and he will work tirelessly on your behalf to secure you a favorable outcome.

What to Do If You Were Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime in Los Angeles

False accusations can and do happen. A person can make a false accusation for any number of reasons, including jealousy or spite. Sometimes, a parent may coax a child to make a false accusation against the other parent in order to win a custody battle. If you have been falsely accused, you need to contact an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will work hard to understand the circumstances of your case and will seek to identify a motive for the false accusation. Uncovering a motive for a false accusation is often the key to winning a sex crimes case. Additionally, if you can gather any evidence that can help to prove your innocence, such as text messages, emails, or voicemails, you should give these to your Los Angeles sex crime defense lawyer so that your case can be as strong as possible. Lastly, refrain from contacting your accuser, as this often complicates your situation.

When Will I Have to Register as a Sex Offender in Los Angeles?

Under federal law, people who are convicted of certain sex crimes will become part of a national sex offender registry. Some of these crimes include sexual assault, rape, and indecent exposure, among others. Registered sex offenders experience significant limitations on where they can live and where they can work. Additionally, the public nature of the registry causes major damage to your reputation. If you have questions about whether you may be put on the sex offender registry, Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law can provide you with honest and accurate answers.

Trusted Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney Helping Clients Fight Sexual Offense Charges

A sex crime conviction carries enormous and devastating consequences that may upend your life. It is critical to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can fight aggressively on your behalf. Contact Los Angeles sexual offense lawyer Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law today at (909) 861-8075 to schedule your free consultation with a knowledgeable and effective criminal defense lawyer. We help clients throughout Los Angeles and surrounding California counties protect their freedom and their future, and we will do the same for you. Call our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers today for help.

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