Types of White-Collar Crimes in Los Angeles

Crime does not always occur on the streets. Crimes are also not always violent offenses. Sometimes, crimes occur in places like offices or government agencies. A white-collar crime does not necessarily involve violence, but it usually involves deception and fraud. Money is almost always at the core of a white-collar crime, but there are many different types of white-collar crimes in Los Angeles.

White-collar crimes tend to involve elements of deception, fraud, and theft. In many white-collar crimes, a defendant lies about certain information to unlawfully obtain money or something of value. Sometimes the victim is a business. Other times, the victim is a government entity or agency. The severity of your charges may depend on how you committed the fraud and how much money was involved. Some common examples of white-collar crimes include tax fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, and credit card fraud.

If you are facing charges for a white-collar crime in Los Angeles, you should contact an attorney for help right away. White-collar crimes, although typically non-violent, can involve a lot of money. Many convicted defendants are ordered to pay back any money they fraudulently obtained, but at that point, the money is gone. Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers will help you fight your charges or deal with the consequences. Call (909) 861-8075 to set up a free legal consultation with our team.

Charges for White-Collar Crimes in Los Angeles

White-collar crimes tend to involve deception or fraud as a means of illegally obtaining money or something of value. Many people think of white-collar crimes as things that happen in businesses or offices. It is true that many white-collar crimes involve employees using their authority to steal money from their employer, business, or clients. However, white-collar crimes may also include fraud committed against the government, or even fraud committed on behalf of the business.

There are numerous ways in which a white-collar crime can be committed for or against a business organization. The alleged perpetrator could be an employee or even the boss. Businesses both large and small could be affected. For example, an employee could use their position to secretly steal funds from a business. They could also fake documentation to cover up their crime. Alternatively, a CEO could deceive investors about the value of their company’s stock to dupe them into investing.

White-collar crimes can also include other types of fraud. A person who lies on their taxes to avoid paying money they owe to the government might be guilty of tax fraud. Similarly, a person could falsify their personal information to illegally obtain welfare benefits from the government.

The severity of your charges, whether they are felonies or misdemeanors, will depend on the nature of your alleged fraud. Some white-collar crimes are minor and carry relatively lenient penalties. Other white-collar crimes are very serious and may be charged as felonies, potentially involving massive fines and jail time. Call our Long Beach criminal defense lawyers for assistance.

Who Is Involved in a White-Collar Crime in Los Angeles

In white-collar crimes, as in any crime, there is an alleged perpetrator and a victim. However, white-collar crimes do not always involve individual people, but may involve non-person entities like businesses, charities, or the government.

In some cases, a business is the victim of a white-collar crime like embezzlement or theft of intellectual property. In such cases, the defendant is often an employee of the business or organization. The defendant could even be the person in charge of the business, like a manager or a CEO. White-collar crimes against a business usually involve people using their employment or authority to covertly steal funds. It could also involve stealing property or protected information and using it for personal gain or for the benefit of the business.

White-collar crimes may also victimize the government. Crimes like tax fraud or tax evasion involve defrauding the government out of money owed in taxes. You could also defraud specific government agencies, like those in charge of welfare or social security.

If you believe you may be charged with a white-collar crime, contact our San Bernardino criminal defense lawyers for help. We can review your case and determine how to best defend your rights and fight your charges.

Penalties for White-Collar Crimes in Los Angeles

In California, the penalties for criminal offenses are largely determined by the individual statutes for those offenses. To determine your exact penalties, you should consult with a qualified attorney. Our Los Angeles white-collar crime defense lawyers can review your charges and determine the extent of your penalties. However, certain white-collar crimes may be subject to additional penalties beyond those in the statutes.

In Los Angeles, your white-collar crime may be affected by the aggravated white-collar crime penalty enhancement under California Penal Code § 186.11. According to this law, if you are convicted of two or more related felonies, one of which is fraud or embezzlement, you will be sentenced to additional prison terms depending on the amount of money lost. This rule typically applies in cases where at least $100,000 was lost. Your additional prison sentence could be at least 1 year or up to 5 years, depending on your situation.

Collateral Consequences of Convictions for White-Collar Crimes in Los Angeles

White-collar crimes also come with serious collateral consequences that are not necessarily imposed by a court. White-collar crimes are deceptive by nature and often involve elements of fraud and theft. These crimes are also common in business settings. A person convicted of a white-collar crime may not only be sentenced to a prison term, but they may lose all credibility in their profession.

For example, if a skilled accountant embezzles a large sum of money from their clients, they could be convicted and spend several years in prison. When they are eventually released, they may have plans to restart their career and continue earning a living. However, with a white-collar crime on their record, they may be considered untrustworthy and may have a very hard time finding new clients or work.

As a business professional, a white-collar crime on your record could ruin your entire career. People convicted of white-collar crimes sometimes find themselves moving to a new city or state to start their careers over, or even starting over in entirely new fields of work.

Rebuilding your life after a white-collar crime conviction can be challenging to say the least. Call our Diamond Bar criminal defense lawyers for help.

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