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Highly Experienced Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Attorney

In the United States of America, every person who is accused of a crime has certain constitutional rights during a criminal investigation that cannot be violated under any circumstances, beginning with the initial charges and continuing all the way through post-trial proceedings. Being arrested does not mean you’re guilty!

Many times, people are arrested for charges that haven’t even been approved by a judge or a prosecutor yet. A criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles County can present your case right away to prevent charges from ever being filed against you by the prosecuting attorney. If you believe that you may be arrested in Los Angeles County, hiring a reputable criminal defense attorney immediately is the right move to make.

Premiere Felony Defense Attorney In Los Angeles County

A felony charge is considered much direr than a misdemeanor charge. Felony crimes do not have to be violent and are typically punishable by incarceration in a federal prison for at least one year. Felony charges are incredibly serious crimes and require the immediate assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles County. Felony crimes include very serious offenses, such as homicide, rape, arson, robbery, escape from prison, child pornography, money laundering, and stalking.

Since felonies are such very serious crimes, the penalties and the legal proceedings for deliberating on the penalty for them are very serious too. Some of the factors that a judge will consider when he or she is sentencing for a felony include the level of harm that was created by the crime, mitigating factors shown by you or your criminal defense attorney, aggravating factors, like the victimization of a disabled person, the opinion of the community towards the crime involved, your prior criminal record, whether or not you are on probation or parole for any similar crime, and whether or not you used a deadly weapon to commit the felony.

An especially severe form of felony is a sex crime. Being convicted of a sex crime could mean being required to register yourself as a sex offender for the rest of your life. If you have been charged with a sex crime in Los Angeles County, you need the most experienced sex crimes attorney you can afford.

Seasoned Los Angeles County Misdemeanor Defense Attorney

A misdemeanor crime is one that is considered to be less serious than a felony criminal charge. As less serious crimes, these charges are associated with less serious sentences. The biggest difference between a felony charge and a misdemeanor charge is the fact that a misdemeanor is only punishable by up to one year in county jail, unlike a felony conviction, which can result in incarceration in a federal prison. Misdemeanor offenses can take the form of traffic offenses such as DUI, assault and battery and other non-felony charges involving bodily harm, theft, misuse of property, some drug offenses, perjury, obscenity, and unlawful gun possession.

The possible penalties for a misdemeanor conviction could include any combination of fines, jail time, and/or probation. The consequences for a misdemeanor crime also tend to be much more customized to the specific crime committed. If you vandalize a building in your community, you may be required to perform cleaning and repairs around that community or to write a sincere letter of apology to the owner of the building that you vandalized. Misdemeanor sentences for DUI charges could involve partaking in mandatory DUI classes or substance abuse treatment programs.

A misdemeanor charge being less severe than a felony charge does not in any way suggest that you don’t require qualified and prompt legal representation. Any type of criminal conviction going on your record could have a very negative impact upon the rest of your life. Your legal rights should always be protected by a Los Angeles County criminal defense attorney.

Compassionate Juvenile Dependency Attorney In Los Angeles County, California

Juvenile dependency law encompasses the court proceedings that must be held in order to decide whether or not the parent/guardian of a minor has been abusive or neglectful to the minor in their care. During these proceedings, a juvenile court judge is permitted to remove a minor from a parent or guardian’s home. If the child is temporarily removed, the court can then order monitoring of the household with the hope of returning the child to the home, in time. If a minor is permanently removed from the home, the judge can eliminate a parent or guardian’s rights and allow for a new family to adopt that minor. If you are a parent or a guardian involved in a juvenile dependency case, you need a juvenile dependency attorney to protect your parental rights.

Do not delay in calling the leading Los Angeles County criminal defense and juvenile dependency attorney, Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation.

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