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Many people are familiar with the phrase “assault and battery,” but few are actually certain what each of the words means and how they are classified as individual criminal charges. Essentially, these crimes are related to mounting a physical attack on another person, but which one is charged might depend on whether or not the attack was completed or simply attempted. While oftentimes they are charged together, this is not always the case, and in some cases you may be charged with only one crime or the other.

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Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law

Complete In a Timely Fashion

"Eric Davis Law quickly resolved a DUI charge against an out-of-state defendant in San Bernadino County by referring to Tom Wilson Counseling’s online DUi classes to complete court ordered DUI classes in a timely fashion."

Thomas W.

An Excellent Advocate for His Clients

"Eric Davis is an excellent advocate for his clients. He has lots of experience handling serious criminal matters, and fighting all the way through trial. He has a lot of specialized knowledge in the field of DUI defense and is an exceptional attorney.”

Ben M., DUI And DWI Attorney

Now Everything is OK, He Cleared Everything

"I just want everyone to know what a good lawyer Eric Dalton Davis is. He helped us with a DUI and now everything is ok. He cleared everything. We really recommend his services. We are very grateful to you. THANK YOU!"

Miguel Z.

Excellent With Communicating With His Clients

"Eric Davis has the skills and experience to zealously and effectively represent his clients even in difficult situations. He is excellent with communicating with his clients and is an effective litigator and negotiator in the courtroom. I fully endorse Eric Davis."

Brendan R., Contracts And Agreements Attorney

Takes Personal Interest in Every Case

“I’ve known Mr Davis and been doing business with Eric for some five years now

Eric is represented me two of my family members and a number of people that I have referred to him that just have had some bad luck with drinking and driving

He’s a dedicated attorney it takes a personal interest in every case. He’s honest which is very rare funny has a heart a heart of gold.

He’s worked with me and everybody that I’ve referred him to and money payments prices and he still gives the same treatment no matter what the pay or the payments or the price he is an excellent attorney.

He has my admiration and respect for the work he does and the care in which he takes doing it.”

Walter W.

Well Respected in the Legal Community

“I endorse Eric. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community.”

Michael W., Military Law Attorney

He Produced Great Results

“Eric fought hard for me when I was wrongfully accused. He produced great results without churning up unnecessary fees. I’m so happy I found him.”


A Strong Advocate to His Clients

“I endorse this lawyer without hesitation. I have turned to Mr. Davis many times to discuss complex legal issues and always have found him to be knowledgeable about many areas of the law. He is a strong advocate to his clients, and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a strong advocate in his area.”

Michael M., Criminal Defense Attorney

A Great Criminal Defense Attorney

“I’ve been using Eric for the past 6 years now, I’ve used them on my own DUI which he was able to get reduced to a reckless driving.
I’ve had the opportunity to share Eric with my best friend for his DUI it was his second Eric got it is as first
My female friend has used Eric for child endangerment case.

I’ve also had the opportunity to share Eric with four or five of the young people that hang around looking for guidance, they’ve all worked out very well and they have referred their friends to Eric also he is a great criminal defense attorney.”


Going Above and Beyond to Fight For His Clients

“I endorse this lawyer. I have been very impressed with the commitment Eric shows in going above and beyond to fight for his clients. He is a tireless advocate with considerable knowledge, skill and expertise, particularly in his extensive experience with DUI defense.”

Erin P., Domestic Violence Attorney

Answered All My Questions With Expert Level Knowledge

“I was recently harassed by a police detective regarding a 5 year old case, a case which I was never arrested for nor charged with anything; and have been losing sleep for several days. Having contacted several lawyers and were disappointed with either their bad characters and incompetency.

Then I found Eric, not only did he answered all my questions with expert level knowledge but also helped me remain calm and helped me called the police’s bluff of tricking me into talking to them to a rejected case which was more than 4 years old. Eric helped me get over the monkey off my back and now I can breath calmly and sleep well at night; if anything come up, I will without any doubt hire Eric as my defense lawyer.

I highly recommend Eric D Davis if you ever in your life dealt with bad lawyers with character issues and incompetency.

I will now forever keep Eric as my go to lawyer.”


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