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Nonviolent crimes that are committed for personal or monetary gain are considered white collar crimes. Crimes such as fraud or embezzlement fall under this category, and white collar crimes include both felonies and misdemeanors. If you are facing white collar crimes-related charges, Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law is here to provide you with the legal representation you need. With an extensive background in tax law, Mr. Davis is well-versed in helping to defend clients who are facing white collar crimes allegations. Penalties for white collar crime convictions can be significant, so contact our office as soon as possible to learn about the options you have and how to move forward strategically and successfully.

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Common Types of White Collar Crimes in Los Angeles

While there are many types of white collar crimes, the most common include fraud and embezzlement. Fraud refers to the act of deceiving another for your personal or financial gain. Fraud takes many forms, including bank fraud, computer fraud, mail fraud, and credit card fraud. If you are convicted of fraud, you could face significant fines and possible jail time.

When an employee or individual steals property that was entrusted to them, typically as part of their job responsibilities, they may face embezzlement charges. Under California state law, embezzlement is considered a theft crime. Depending on the nature of the crime, you may be facing charges of either petty theft or grand theft. Both carry substantial penalties, so it is critical that you work with a Los Angeles white collar crimes attorney who fully understands the nuances of white collar crimes.

What is the White Collar Crime Enhancement Law?

Under California’s White Collar Crime Enhancement Law, a person accused of committing a white collar crime in Los Angeles can face an enhanced sentence if they have been convicted of similar felonies and have stolen $100,000 or more. The punishment they are given in their current conviction can then be enhanced by more terms of imprisonments, additional fines, or even both.

What to Do If You Are Under Investigation for a White Collar Crime in LA

The sooner you can retain an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney, the stronger your chances are of building a successful defense strategy to combat the charges. Call Eric D. Davis, Attorney at Law immediately if you suspect you are being investigated for committing a white collar crime. He will listen carefully to all the details of your situation and help you understand all of your options. Together, you will find the best path forward to have the charges dismissed or reduced.

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