Should I Talk to the Police Without a Lawyer?

If you are close to a criminal investigation for any reason, there is a good chance you will end up speaking to the police. For some people, these interactions with law enforcement are relatively quick. Once the police get the information they need, they usually leave you in peace. However, if you are the subject of a criminal investigation, you must be much more careful in how you communicate with the authorities. The things you say to a police officer may come back to haunt you later.

Before speaking with the police, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and best interests. Even if you are only talking to the authorities as a witness, you may unintentionally end up incriminating yourself. The police are not there to protect your rights. The police are there to catch criminals. If law enforcement officials suspect you of any wrongdoing, you may be in big trouble.

If you anticipate speaking to the police at any time in the near future, hire a lawyer to stand by your side. An attorney will watch out for your rights and best interests during any interaction with the authorities. Call our Fontana criminal defense attorneys for help. Call our offices at (909) 861-8075 to schedule a free legal consultation.

Answering Police Questions After an Arrest

If you have been arrested or are afraid you might be arrested sometime soon, you may be asked to answer some police questions. Ordinarily, when you are not under arrest or in custody, you are free to walk away from most interactions with the police. Once you are in custody, however, you are no longer free to leave. Instead, the police must inform you of your Miranda rights, including a list of rights and protections you have while in the custody of law enforcement.

Two such rights are the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent. While you are not free to leave and the police are asking questions, you do not have to answer any of those questions. If you do wish to answer questions, you have the right to have an attorney present. No matter what, you should refuse to answer any questions until you have a lawyer. You will be allowed to contact a lawyer of your choosing or have one appointed to you.

An attorney will speak to you about your situation before the police resume questioning. Your lawyer will help you answer questions in a way that avoids any self-incrimination. Your lawyer can also advise you when to stop answering questions or if you should remain silent from the start. Confronting the police can be very intimidating, and you may find it hard to remain calm. Our skilled, knowledgeable Glendale criminal defense lawyers are here to help you.

Speaking to the Police as a Witness

Even if you are not the subject of a criminal investigation, you should consult with a lawyer before going to the police with information. Depending on how close you were to the crime in question, you may risk incriminating yourself. For example, you may want to report to the police that your friend crashed your car because they were drunk. However, if you lent them your car and you knew they were intoxicated, you may bear some responsibility and face legal consequences.

In some cases, people speak with the police as a witness to a crime or accident. However, they might not realize that their own negligent actions played a role in the events. It is not unusual for people to be charged for failing to act when they should have rather than for some unlawful action. Our team of criminal defense lawyers can comb through your case and determine if it is wise to speak with the police.

Giving the police vital information about a crime is important and is often considered a civic duty. However, you must be careful about confronting the police if you are afraid you may be incriminated. Speak to our Long Beach criminal defense attorneys today for help with your situation.

Turning Yourself into the Police with an Attorney

In most cases, people are confronted by the police when arrested for a crime or questioned as a witness. However, it may be beneficial for you to confront the police on your own terms if you are suspected of unlawful activity. Turning yourself in should not be misconstrued as an admission of guilt but rather a willingness to cooperate with the authorities. That being said, you should not turn yourself in without accounting for your own legal protection.

If you think you should turn yourself into the police, speak with an attorney first. Turning yourself in may help you clear your name of any wrongdoing. In some cases, your involvement in a crime may be more of a misunderstanding that can be cleared up quickly. However, not every case turns out that way. Never turn yourself in without a lawyer by your side just in case the police actually take you into custody. Your lawyer can immediately get to work on arranging bail and collecting vital information for your defense. Call our Riverside criminal defense lawyers to discuss the option of turning yourself in.

Can You Talk to the Police Without a Lawyer?

It is possible to speak with the police on your own. Many people are very intimidated by law enforcement and feel like they cannot refuse to answer questions from a police officer. They may also feel afraid that telling the police they want a lawyer will only agitate the officers and make your case more difficult. This could not be farther from the truth.

You have a right to have an attorney with you when you are being questioned while in police custody. A lawyer will help you avoid making mistakes that may make your situation worse. The police are not on your side and will not protect you if you accidentally incriminate yourself.

Some people like to say that if you have nothing to hide, there is no reason for an attorney. These same people often think that only guilty people need lawyers. This is entirely false. The legal system is complicated and scary, and you may not fully understand what you have gotten yourself into. An attorney’s job is to protect you when things go wrong. Call our Santa Clarita criminal defense attorneys today.

Call Our Criminal Defense Attorneys Before Speaking with the Police

If you believe you may face a confrontation with the authorities sometime soon, you should speak with a lawyer now. A lawyer will help you answer any questions that need answering while avoiding self-incrimination. Call our criminal defense attorneys today at (909) 861-8075. We can arrange a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case.

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